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From the Headlines to your Bottom Line

Does Your Company Allow Vaping on the Job?

All your efforts to establish a healthy work environment for your employees could be vaporized with one false move, if you turn a blind eye to vaping (using e-cigarettes) on the job. Or at least that's the worry of some employers and regulators today. Not everyone is knowledgeable about vaping, but that doesn't mean they don't have strong opinions. Before you set a policy that affects your workforce, take a look at some of the issues involved.
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Exploring the Cashless Movement in Retail

Retailers have seen a significant decrease in customers who pay with cash over the last decade and that trend is expected to continue. Some businesses have even stopped accepting cash at all. Here are the reasons for the declining popularity of cash as a form of payment, considerations for businesses who are contemplating going cashless in the future and recent legislative moves to block this trend.
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Protect Elderly Family Members Against Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation of elderly Americans is on the rise, according to a federal government agency. Knowing the common tactics employed by perpetrators of this abusive, often criminal, behavior could keep your loved ones from adding to the grim statistics. Here are some proactive ways you can help.
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How We Add Up

"Our clients rely on Fust Charles Chambers to provide innovative thinking by anticipating changes in tax laws, accounting methods and industry and economic trends. At other times, our clients depend on us to act as a sounding board for their ideas and concerns. We’re proud to be part of our clients’ team with the purpose of assisting them in attaining their goals and objectives."

- Joseph L. Charles, Partner