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Year-End Moves for Charitable Donations

Studies show that November and December are the most popular months for charitable giving. Before donating to your favorite charity, you may want to consider whether your donation will qualify for a deduction on your 2020 tax return. Here are some ways to maximize your deduction if you itemize, along with a limited time opportunity to claim a deduction even if you don't itemize.
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Pregnancy Discrimination on the Job – Are Tighter Rules Ahead?

In terms of hiring, employers can easily cross the bridge into discrimination when it comes to an applicant who is pregnant, even though a decades-old law protects against it. What does it take for an employer to be guilty of illegal discrimination against a pregnant job applicant or a current employee? The definition could be shifting as Congress considers new legislation. Here's more.
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Like-Kind Exchanges: New Proposed IRS Regs Define Real Property

Under current law, tax-deferred Section 1031 "like-kind" exchange treatment is no longer allowed for personal property swaps. But it's still allowed for real property swaps. So real property investors and developers must draw a line between personal and real property. Here's an overview of what counts as real property that's eligible for Section 1031 exchange treatment under the new proposed IRS rules.
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"Our clients rely on Fust Charles Chambers to provide innovative thinking by anticipating changes in tax laws, accounting methods and industry and economic trends. At other times, our clients depend on us to act as a sounding board for their ideas and concerns. We’re proud to be part of our clients’ team with the purpose of assisting them in attaining their goals and objectives."

- Joseph L. Charles, Partner