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Financial Institutions

financial institutionsIn the current regulatory environment, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are all taking special notice. How you plan for your taxes and report them can have a big effect on the balance sheet you provide to your shareholders and regulators. At Fust Charles Chambers, our experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals will work with your management team throughout the year to develop customized solutions and approaches that focus on minimizing your bank’s tax burden, while ensuring that you are in compliance with IRS regulations.

Our Services

  • Bank and Other Financial Institution Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Federal and State Bank Tax Minimization
  • Information Reporting Diagnostics
  • FAS 109 and Accounting for Income Taxes Advisory Services
  • Merger and Acquisition Services
  • Financial Institution Tax Audit Support Services
  • Information Security Services
  • Cost Segregation Studies for Branch Acquisitions and New Construction