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Careers FAQs

Selection Criteria

Strong academic records, communication skills, and a desire to learn and grow with our firm are criteria we look for in applicants. We value involvement in extracurricular and community activities, a positive work ethic, and enthusiasm. We seek people who are willing to put in the time to achieve their very best.

Available Positions

We recruit for all practice areas: Audit, Tax and Consulting. Please check out the services and industries sections of our site for a better sense of the work we do and the clients for whom we do it.

Recruitment Numbers

We typically recruit between 6 and 13 people each year.

Postgraduates vs. Undergraduates?

We treat all graduates the same, but please note that, to be hired for audit and tax department positions, we do require the credit hours needed to obtain a CPA license in New York State.

Credit for Extracurricular Activities?

By default, we do not automatically give credit to students because they are involved in many social or extracurricular activities. Those not involved in many activities may still be qualified candidates if their area of interest is relevant to our firm.

Work Experience

If you have work experience which is related to Audit, Tax and Consulting, we welcome your resume. Please see the careers section of our site for more information.