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From the Headlines to your Bottom Line

New Overtime Rules Issued: What it Means for You

Starting December 1, new overtime rules kick in that will make millions more employees qualify for overtime pay. The changes include a dramatically higher pay threshold that determines whether workers are eligible for overtime at a rate of at least one and one-half times their regular pay. With a few months of lead time, employers need to take a look at their operations and decide how to incorporate the changes. This article explains.
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New Study Confirms the Prevalence and Cost of White Collar Crime

How much money do you lose to fraud each year? The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has been studying the costs, schemes, perpetrators and victims of occupational fraud for the last two decades. In doing so, it has triggered many organizations to implement antifraud controls. Here are the results from the latest Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, and ways to safeguard your organization.
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Made in America: The Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Global Opportunities

One issue that virtually every American supports this U.S. presidential election year is revitalizing our manufacturing sector. Since 1998, millions of manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to countries with lower wages and fewer regulations. But that trend is slowly reversing due to resurgence in the Made-in-America movement, the growing benefits of "reshoring" and government efforts to expand export opportunities.
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How We Add Up

"Our clients rely on Fust Charles Chambers to provide innovative thinking by anticipating changes in tax laws, accounting methods and industry and economic trends. At other times, our clients depend on us to act as a sounding board for their ideas and concerns. We’re proud to be part of our clients’ team with the purpose of assisting them in attaining their goals and objectives."

- Joseph L. Charles, Partner